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Our story

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Our dream of owning an equestrian clothing brand first came to light in the hot summer of 2020.  Myself being a ‘mature’ lady struggling to find an airy top that didn’t show too much flesh and my daughter wanting something a bit more ‘her’! ‘LC’ or rather “Elsie” is our heart horse who we have owned for four years – she is an absolute darling and has helped my daughter love life again after several difficult years.

Made in England

Why made in England?

What we both questioned was ‘why aren’t there more clothes made in England?’  and from that day forth we’ve been dreaming and planning the launch of LC Equestrian!  We want to give customers the option to buy British – it is so good to see more brands manufacturing in the UK for so many reasons; the fact that we have the skill and craftmanship and to help create jobs locally, to name a few.

LC Equestrian

Designs and Branding

LC Equestrian produce durable clothing, designed to be timeless and will see our customers through season after season. The fabrics and workmanship are of the highest quality and long-lasting. All branding is very subtle and our designs are flattering and are perfect for the everyday rider – Comfort is key!

LC Equestrian
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Alongside manufacturing in England being our number one priority, we wanted to be as sustainable as possible. We did start our journey with recycled fabrics – however for a start up this was not doable. This will definitely be part of our future strategy. As the fabrics are made in England and all of the clothing is manufactured here it helps to reduce the carbon footprint by keeping things local. It is our pledge to not sell outside of the United Kingdom. Our garments are cut with minimal waste as we aim to produce clothing that has as little environmental impact as possible. All of our branded labelling is made out of recycled material and manufactured in the UK. All of our packaging is recyclable – the outer mailing bag is made from 100% recycled material and breaks down into environmentally safe products after being disposed of correctly. We use no plastic at all.

animal rescue

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is our chosen Charity

Because we absolutely adore horses, ponies and donkeys – Redwings Horse Sanctuary seemed to be the perfect choice when deciding on a charity that we would donate 5% of profits to. They rescue abandoned, mistreated and neglected horses and donkeys from across the UK, giving them a safe place to live and providing essential veterinary treatment, rehabilitation and lifelong care. Visit their website here to read about the amazing work they do.

animal rescue
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What does the future look like?

As we are just setting off on our journey our product range is limited – we will never have a vast range of products as we would like to maintain a more bespoke image, however we are keen to receive feedback on items of clothing you would like to see more of or colours you’d like to see in our current designs. As we do everything from design to manufacture we are able to make changes and introduce the clothing you love. Please drop us a message at or fill out the contact form.

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